Investing in hedge funds

Flexible and innovative strategies, low correlation to other asset classes and a better risk-reward trade-off, are some of the arguments for investing in talented hedge fund managers. However, a lack of transparency, leverage and complexity are seen as the main obstacles toward hedge fund investment. TreevestCapital offers advisory service and active management of client investments in hedge funds. This includes all parts of the hedge fund selection and due diligence process, portfolio construction, as well as ongoing risk management.

External manager selection

There are two main reasons to invest in external managers: To gain access to extraordinary competencies and to enhance portfolio diversification. Unfortunately, many asset managers are not capable of delivering what they promise, they may not have adequate investment processes or a supportive infrastructure, or even intentionally misrepresent facts. Therefore it is crucial to have a systematic and thought-out manager selection process. Based on many years of experience TreevestCapital advises on or runs the selection process according to agreed mandates.

Alternative Investment Projects


  • Renewable Energy
  • Real Estates
  • Private Equity

Operations & Regulation

An efficient operational infrastructure is the backbone of every asset management company and has a strong impact on performance and risk management, as well as capital raising and investor relationships. TreevestCapital advises on general management and operational solutions for hedge funds and other asset management organisations. This service is suitable for both newcomers to the industry, as well as established organisations aiming to improve or increase business activities in this area or reorganise/establish the alternative asset management business.

Areas of expertise:

  • Service Provider Selection: Fund Administration, Brokerage, Legal, Compliance
  • Alternative Investment Regulation
  • Internal Operation


TreevestCapital is an independent alternative investment manager and advisor specialises in alternative investments in particular hedge funds: selection & due diligence, operations/regulations and business development.

Our primary objective is to assist our clients, institutional investors on one side and hedge fund/alternative asset managers on the other, in achieving or exceeding their business objectives.

Our main focus lies in providing bespoke advisory service and assistance, as well as to manage active mandates. Our guiding principles are to maintain high level of legal and ethical business practices and to employ all our experience and knowledge to contribute to an ethical and transparent financial industry.
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The founder and managing partner of TreevestCapital is Mr. Mario Ledencan, who has more than eighteen years of experience in the financial industry with an emphasis on Alternative Investments.

Mr. Ledencan is responsible for all firm-wide matters including building and managing of entire operations, advisory services and investment activities, and is supported by diverse experienced professionals who bring complementary skills acquired over many years in different areas of financial services.

The TreevestCapital's management is further supported by developing and maintaining selective strategic relationships with a complementary cooperation partners that can add value and increase the quality of our services.
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TreevestCapital offers its services to clients on a global scale. Its clients include institutional investors on one side, and hedge fund/asset managers on the other.

Institutional Investors:

  • Pension Funds and Retirement Plans
  • Foundations and Endowments
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Funds of Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Asset Managers
  • Private Banks


  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Alternative Asset Managers
  • Niche Asset Managers

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Institutional investors

We offer bespoke advisory service and management:

  • Investing in Hedge Funds and Portfolio Management with Hedge Funds
  • External Manager Selection and Due Diligence
  • Alternative Investment Projects: Renewable Energy, Real Estates & Private Equity
  • Management-Operational Improvements
  • Selection of Service Providers
  • Regulation in Alternative Asset Management.

We offer our service as:

  • Consulting and bespoke advisory service on timely, task, project and performance basis
  • Interim Management
  • External manager / trustee of active management mandates

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Hedge funds / Alternative asset managers

To hedge fund / asset managers we offer consulting and bespoke advisory service on challenges and solutions within following four connected areas aiming to improve operations, increase assets under management and gain long-term stability:

  • Business Development
  • Preparation for Due Diligence process
  • Introduction to institutional investors
  • Investor Relations

We offer our service as:

  • Consulting and bespoke advisory service on timely, task, project and performance basis
  • Interim Management
  • External manager / trustee of active management mandates

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Conferences - investment summits

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